New Era of Web Development

Recently, StackOverflow released their survey of the developer community and shared very interesting insights. In the survey, we can see the growing popularity of  Javascript, HTML, and CSS (Web Technologies). In fact, in survey 3 out of top 5 are web programming languages. 

How far we came

The web was always there from the last 30 years. After the invention of HTML in 1990, In the initial days, we used Servlet, PHP, and vanilla javascript for web page development. Most of the things were static and we were using web mostly for representation purpose. But as the internet market grew we started creating dynamic pages, form gathering information by using forms AJAX, etc.  But due to the sudden change in paradigm, there were many issues that we started facing. It was very difficult to create a single page application (SPA) using simple javascript, testing web pages, maintaining last scale projects. Also, the flexibility that Javascript provides it was very hard to maintain the large scale code base.

In 2006, John Resig created JQuery which helped in easing DOM manipulation but code maintainability and creating SPA was very tough. Major companies, news agencies were facing the issue of creating and maintaining SPA. In 2010, to fix this problem documentcloud opens a challenge, as a result, we got BackboneJS created by  Jeremy Ashkenas. It was quite easy to create a SPA application in the backbone. After this many internet companies started working on web frameworks, In 2010, Google open-source AngularJS and later in 2013 Facebook open sources its homegrown React framework. It really created a boom in the web development market and companies quickly started adopting these technologies. 

W3C also came into action and started standardizing new web APIS. Now we have new Typescript version every 2 years with the inclusion of new latest tech changes. If you see the trend of latest web framework JQuery still holds quite a large share of the web, but New framework like React, Angular, Vuejs are gaining a lot of attention. 

Also, the salary range of web technologies is quite high varying from $110K to $120K. 

Where to Start 

If you see the following graphic, you will understand that web development is very vast. We have many languages, frameworks, tools, etc. It is very easy to get confused if you are not following a systematic approach. We have many websites which help us gaining web information but practical approach is very important.

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